Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Sneak Peek

I just couldn't wait to share some of these adorable pictures from our weekend vacation with Jimmy's family in Pine Island. I'll be quick. I've got a house waiting on me to clean and many many things left to do before tomorrow. Grace Louise is getting tubes in her ears on Thursday. Mom and I are going to Tampa tomorrow to stay the night since the "surgery" is so early in the morning. Our house just went on the market and someone is already wanting to see it! Oh my, how hard it is to keep a clean house with an infant. This house is lived in for sure! Nevertheless, I'll be picking up and straightening up from now until it sells.

Jimmy and I finally got on the same page about how badly I needed a new camera. I found a great deal on craigslist last week and here we are. Yes, I'm showing off my mad Nikon D40 skills in the following pictures. Enjoy... many more to come after this week :-)

(I would include some captions under the pictures, but they'd pretty much all say something like "Just Presh!")


Ashley said...

These are very "presh" Emily! A Nikon is on my Christmas list, so I can't wait for Santa to come to town :-) Great memories are worth the cost of a nice camera!

Missy Whidden said...

Great pics, Emily! What kind of editing software are you using? Or do your pics just turn out like this right out of the camera? I love how GL's eyes are so blue in the pics of her sitting in the water. I can't get my girls' eyes to pop in their photos like that. I'm glad you're liking your new camera!

The Hursts said...

Thanks, Missy! Actually, I only had to edit the pics of her on the sand. The bright sunlight combined with the white sand made the pictures horribly washed out. I used the saturation option and adjusted the shadowing to add more contrast. I use Picasa- nothing fancy. Believe it or not, the other pictures are bright and beautiful thanks to amazing blue skies, the water, and a great camera that is able to pick up bright colors naturally. Saturation doesn't always work well depending on how many colors are in the picture- and how bright they already are, but it can make a huge difference on pretty blue eyes in the right picture!

Matt and Christen said...

Those pictures are adorable. GL is so cute and I can't believe how fast she is growing. Do you like your new Nikon D40? Matt and I are looking into getting a new camera.