Thursday, May 27, 2010

Fun Summer Firsts

I took Grace Louise to Aunt Cindy's for her first trip to the lake! We've been a few times since, and just absolutely loves it... not afraid of the water a bit! She loves to splash and run away from Mama in the float. Where she can reach, she walks around like she's been doing it her whole life... where she can't reach she kicks her legs. A natural. Oh yes, and she loves playing in the sand. And eating it too.

Since this blog post is called "firsts", I guess I should include a few exciting milestones. She stood up from sitting last night for the first time, then cried because she didn't know how to get back down. She also says "Bye Bye", unless of course she wants to make a liar out of me in front of my friends (how cruel!).

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