Monday, July 20, 2009

Celebrating 5 Years Together!

Jimmy and I celebrated 5 years together this past weekend! We were married July 17, 2004. We always dreamed of doing something extravagant for our 5 year anniversary (or maybe we just used that as an excuse to plan a big deer hunt in Texas... either way). But life happened and here we are, five years later with no anniversary savings account and a Texas trip is out of reach. A weekend getaway would have to do...

And it did! We spent the weekend simply enjoying each other, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. And isn't that what its all about? We took a trip down to Ft. Lauderdale and stayed in a beach-front apartment.

The view from our room... I would call this ocean-front property. Wouldn't you?! Not bad for a $50/night travelocity deal!

Enjoying the beach and warm ocean water together on Friday evening. This time together meant so much to me. Jimmy is not a big fan of ocean swimming and is not usually easily coaxed into the water. He says that pirates prefer to be on the water, not in it. I appreciated that he braved the trecherous waters of the east coast shoreline for me. So sweet!

The sun-bathing beauty... both of us :)

Jimmy insisted on taking a shot of the view from our dinner table. Romantic, isn't it? We ate at a restaurant on the fishing pier. Mahi, shrimp, crab cakes, scallops, calamari- Yummo!

The highlight of our trip was visiting the International Game Fish Association museum, where all the world record fish mounts are displayed. In the pics above, Jimmy is standing in front of the world record Black Marlin, which weighed over 1500 lbs!!! The pics of us "fishing" are from the simulator at the museum. There were 5 fishing simulators allowing you to experience the fight of a big fish- very cool! We were like a couple of kids in there!
After visiting the museum, we ate at the Islamorada Fish Company and toured with desire our favorite store- Bass Pro.
Before coming home we enjoyed Tranformers II at the IMAX theatre (clang, clang, clash... but other than the extremely loud sound of metal crashing... a great cinema experience!) Overall, it was a fun and relaxing get-away, and I wouldn't have rather spent it with any other person in the world :-)
In honor of marriage and my wonderful husband: my newest playlist addition- "our song". When this song first came out, years ago, Jimmy and I could hardly pull ourselves away from each other, dreading the goodbyes of a long distance relationship. "If only we had one more day with each other"... as you can see, this song said it perfectly! Well, its been five years, and though I'm sure we haven't consistently wished for more days with each other (probably even wished for a few apart ;) the underlying message is undoubtedly true.
I love you, Honey! (He reads my blog too!)

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Matt and Christen said...

I love your posts. Congrats on 5 years! You look great prego in your swim suit!! When are you do? I also loved your Craigs list find of the rocker and Bob running stroller. Someday we hope to get a running stroller too. Hope all is well. Miss you guys. Love, Christen (and Matt)